CFAR began as a research center inside The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and was established as a private management consulting firm in 1987. The firm serves clients across a range of industries worldwide from offices in Philadelphia and Boston. Our approach combines a deep understanding of business with insights into the human systems that comprise organizations. We are known for helping leaders solve new or seemingly intractable dilemmas.

CFAR's work ranges across a broad range of industries including health and hospital systems, academic medicine, family and owner-led businesses, higher education, life sciences, foundations, associations and Fortune 50 companies. We help leaders create sound business strategies to scale up and manage growth, improve resiliency and adaptive response to change, and develop high-performing executive teams, boards and organizational partnerships.

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Managers work in a dynamic and challenging environment, collaborating closely with analysts, senior managers, and principals in small, high-performance teams focused on client problems. Managers analyze qualitative and quantitative data, manage complex tasks, lead and facilitate work sessions for our clients, and present analyses with CFAR’s recommendations to the client.

CFAR leverages the deep expertise of its consultants. For this reason we fast track the development of our managers. One or two years into their tenure, managers can expect to rapidly take on greater responsibilities, to begin selling work, and to collaborate with colleagues to develop the proprietary tools and methods that we use to meet our clients’ needs. The manager position is seen as a springboard for senior consulting.

How we work together internally is as important to us as how we work with our clients, so we strive to find individuals who fit our culture and share our values. These are people who display a natural curiosity, have a demonstrated record of leadership within and outside the workplace, enjoy working in an entrepreneurial environment, and are fun to be around. Our goal is to hire people who we can imagine will one day become principal owners of the firm.



Our Analyst position is a two-year, full-time position and provides excellent training for a variety of career directions. Analysts play a critical role on our project teams with senior consultants and clients.


They coordinate projects and conduct background research, interviews, and quantitative and qualitative analysis—among other things. This two-year consulting position offers a glimpse of how things work in many different kinds of organizations, and at the major business issues facing leaders today.


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