Debbie Bing
This chapter appears in The Family Business Legacy Handbook  view »
Debbie Bing
This article addresses the often thorny questions that arise in a long-standing family philanthropic enterprise during moments of generational transition, and offers practical tips for successful dialogue and planning for the future. view »
Nancy Drozdow, Debbie Bing
Family businesses sometimes feel a tension between “good business” practices and the stewardship of family values—as if the two are antithetical. This presentation examines the real-life experiences of family business leaders who have made choices that improved competitive edge while preserving their firm’s core values and culture.  view »
Thomas Gilmore, Debbie Bing
This chapter organizes tools and techniques into three stages or transitions surrounding a large group event, each with its own core task: pre-event, the event, and follow-through. view »
Debbie Bing
This article explores the paradoxical case where the leader has precisely the vision, aggression and talent that the external environment demands, but, ironically, that strength and aggression weakens his or her team and atrophies others’ ability to effectively advance the organization’s purpose and goals. Appears in People & Strategy Journal, January 2013 view »
Debbie Bing
The article looks at using negotiation as a technique to help you integrate personal interests with business needs. Family Business Magazine, Autumn 2008 view »
Debbie Bing, Jessica Geiben Lynn, Mario Moussa
The authors relate a process in which faculty confronted their preconceptions and arrived at a shared vision regarding the center’s mission. Ultimately, this unified vision paved the way for developing a new governance structure. view »
Debbie Bing
Family Business Magazine—Debbie Bing has an article entitled "How to Manage Behind-the-Scenes Power Players" in the November/December 2012 issue of the magazine.
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