Barry Dornfeld, Jennifer Tomasik

The challenges facing our healthcare system in the current moment are well known and widely discussed. What does not get addressed as much is the need for strong leadership at multiple levels to navigate the rapid pace of change in healthcare and turn challenge to opportunity. Published in the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly.

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Jennifer Tomasik, Barry Dornfeld

This is the third in a series of articles that will introduce a few tools and ideas for realizing "systemness" by defining and aligning strategy and leadership, integrating the clinical enterprise, and enhancing corporate services. Published in Wharton Healthcare Quarterly.

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Barry Dornfeld, Thomas N. Gilmore, Larry Hirschhorn, Michael Kelly
This article describes our understanding of higher education institutions in sharp contrast to for-profit corporations. We emphasize, in particular, the “loosely coupled” structure of a university, its “church-state” character, and the proliferation of subunits that amplifies this structure and character in ways that pose unique challenges to leadership. view »

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