Linda May, Tom Gilmore, Judy Schueler

Presented at the University HealthSystem Consortium 2011 Annual Conference, September 2011

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Linda May, Larry Hirschhorn, PJ Brennan, Victoria Rich, and Elizabeth Riley-Wasserman

Presented at IHI 2009

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Linda May, PJ Brennan, Joan Doyle, and Victoria Rich

This interactive session focused on the leadership structures and supports that make real time data actionable and invited participants to consider what might work in their own settings.  Presented at the University HealthSystem Consortium Quality and Safety Fall Forum, September 2010

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Linda May, Larry Hirschhorn

Published in Change Magazine, March 2000. 



Linda May, Joan Doyle

Presented at the Remington Health Strategy Group's National Summit on Transformational Leadership in August 2010. This talk focuses on the work and on the results that have repositioned Homecare as a “clinical partner” to its hospital counterparts.

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Linda May, P.J. Brennan, Victoria Rich and Joan Doyle
Presented at the American Hospital Association's Health Forum Leadership Summit in July 2010 view »
Lynn Oppenheim, Linda May, Bruce Metz
Information technology organizations are in a bind. Demand is almost unlimited while resources are tight. Unless the university community participates actively in decisions about funding levels and priorities, IT groups will be blamed for failing to meet unlimited expectations. Getting participation, however, is easier said than done. This paper offers concrete strategies in regard to two tough problems: How to revitalize a plodding or unweildy advisory structure. And how to get fast and focused input. Presented at EDUCOM view »
Linda May, Victoria Rich, PJ Brennan, Elizabeth Riley-Wasserman
Presented at the University HealthSystem Consortium 2008 Quality and Safety Fall Forum view »

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