Jennifer Tomasik, Carey Gallagher, Lynn Oppenheim
This is the second piece in a series of articles about creating a “Culture of Value” in your organization. view »
Lynn Oppenheim

Presented at the 2013 Creating and Implementing Strategic Plans Workshop sponsored by the Group on Institutional Planning of the Association of American Medical Colleges, this presentation looks at what has changed over the years in strategic planning and what to expect in the years to come. This is a chance to think toward the future, and to help better position yourself, as a strategic planner, to be ‘strategically thinking’ toward future opportunities.

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Lynn Oppenheim, Linda May, Bruce Metz
Information technology organizations are in a bind. Demand is almost unlimited while resources are tight. Unless the university community participates actively in decisions about funding levels and priorities, IT groups will be blamed for failing to meet unlimited expectations. Getting participation, however, is easier said than done. This paper offers concrete strategies in regard to two tough problems: How to revitalize a plodding or unweildy advisory structure. And how to get fast and focused input. Presented at EDUCOM view »

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