Nancy Drozdow
What keeps us from discussing difficult issues? Often it's our fear of what will be said. This article tells you how to move from paralysis to a productive dialogue. Published in Family Business Magazine, Summer 2011 view »
Debbie Bing
The article looks at using negotiation as a technique to help you integrate personal interests with business needs. Family Business Magazine, Autumn 2008 view »
This paper outline the role negotiation process the purpose of which is to provide a structural method for people to share with their colleagues the ways in which their work behavior helps or hinders their productivity. view »
Thomas Gilmore
Chapter 12 in Making a Leadership Change: How Organizations and Leaders Can Handle Leadership Transitions Successfully. New York: Authors Choice Press, 2003, pp. 185 -- 209. view »
Debbie Bing, Jessica Geiben Lynn, Mario Moussa
The authors relate a process in which faculty confronted their preconceptions and arrived at a shared vision regarding the center’s mission. Ultimately, this unified vision paved the way for developing a new governance structure. view »
Jennifer Tomasik
Published in Healthcare Executive, Volume 19, Number 6, Nov/Dec 2004, p. 29. (Professional Pointers column). view »

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